How To Avoid Psychic Scams

Psychic frauds, fake spell casters and other psychic cons seem to be on the increase particularly via the internet. Reports of psychic scams fleecing innocent, vulnerable and sometimes desperate people of large amounts of money is both reprehensible and downright sickening to genuine Psychics and real Witches and Spell casters.

Here are some valuable tips put together by genuine and trusted members of the Psychic community. The following information can help you avoid the psychic scams and fake Spell casters that are tainting and tarnishing the good name of the Psychic profession.

Free Spells

Beware of the fake Spell casters who offer free Spell casting. A genuine practitioner cannot seriously offer a well prepared and well cast Spell for free. The cost of materials, tools, ingredients and the time, energy and effort involved by a genuine Spell caster means they simply cannot offer free Spells. The only exception to this is free curse removal Spells (see below).

Very High Prices

Be on your guard when asked to pay over $150 or more for any one Spell. Fake Spell casters will often try to explain their exorbitantly high prices claiming expensive ingredients and rare materials needed. Real Magick does not need to cost the earth. And just because you pay $1000 for a Spell does not make it any more powerful than a reasonably priced Spell cast by a genuine Spell caster. Unethical psychic con artists can and do con thousands of dollars from vulnerable, desperate people each day.

24 Hour Results

The phrase “Results in 24 hours” although attention grabbing cannot in all seriousness be guaranteed.   When you see phrases like this you should be on your guard as Real Magick very, very rarely can manifest results in just 24 hours. Although it is true that a small percentage can see results in this time, many others have to wait longer – sometimes weeks or perhaps even months in some cases.

Genuine, trusted and honest Spell casters never give the promise of 24 hour results for every client. They know it is impossible and you should too.

Guaranteed Results

To guarantee results for every single client is a warning sign to be heeded. It is simply impossible to guarantee positive results for every single Spell cast. Many factors can prevent a Spell from manifesting in the way that you would want. Look for a spell caster who is honest about this and avoid those who claim 100% positive results every time.

Guaranteeing results for every single client is an exaggerated and impossible promise. If you see the phrase “guaranteed results” warning bells should be ringing. This ploy is often used by psychic con artists and fake spell casters to draw in gullible people. It is simply impossible to guarantee positive results for every single Spell cast. Many reasons can and do prevent a Spell from working in the way that you would want.

Impossible Spells

Impossible Spells are perhaps the biggest telltale sign that you are dealing with psychic scammers. Spells that guarantee to change your appearance (except through genuine weight loss), such as increasing the size of a part of your body or changing your eye or skin colour, or making you taller etc, are simply impossible. Spells cannot change the physical characteristics of anyone. So avoid websites that claim their Spells can change your appearance.

Website that promotes Health Spells that promise to rid cancer, diabetes or other diseases and conditions should also be avoided.  No Spell Caster can cure cancer.

Money Back Refunds

The promise of money back refunds are a favourite ploy to get people to part with their cash. Has anyone ever heard of anyone getting a refund from the scam artists who use this trick to make a sale? If it sounds too good to be true – then it generally is. Money back offers are simply not honoured.

An authentic and trusted Spell caster spends their time, energy and the cost of ingredients and tools to cast a Spell for you. That time, energy and costs cannot be refunded to the Spell caster and thus they cannot give refunds to their clients. Professional and ethical Spell casters take their profession very seriously and you are paying for their skill, expertise and knowledge. Steer clear of websites that claim a  money back refund for psychic services.


Some people feel they are genuinely cursed and seem to suffer very bad luck throughout their lives until the “curse” is removed.

You should never pay for “curse removal”. Many people are told that they are cursed or that a hex has been placed upon them and ask for a fee to remove it.  This curse removal fee is usually sky high and unscrupulous scam artists use fear, intimidation and even blackmail to con innocent people into paying for a service that they don’t need or they can get for free.

Respected Spell casters will always perform this service for free as it is ethically wrong not to do so. Experienced Spell casters invariably remove any negative energies, including so called curses and hexes anyway in the process of casting other Spells.

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  1. Willy says:

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  2. Cece says:

    Yes this is true I know of this lady who got my money and wanted more but never answer back when I told her I haf no money

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